She remains one of the most iconic singing artists of the last twenty years. Amy Winehouse, with her beautiful contralto vocals and that distinctive jazz diva look, has been imitated over the years but nothing can ever replace the original.

Once seen live never forgotten, those enduring images of Amy Winehouse have now been given a new and distinctive edge by emerging urban artist Dan Pearce. Working out of his garden studio in London, Pearce has transformed some memorable portraits and used his stylised graffiti art techniques to create stunning and unique works of art.

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Amy Winehouse: A Brilliant Choice for Wall Art

Songs like Stronger Than Me and Rehab are probably some of the best-known Amy Winehouse works but she was also an artist who delivered charisma and musical elegance in every live performance as well in her recordings. Known as much for a chaotic and tempestuous life prior to her untimely death at the age of 27, she’s a timeless icon who transforms comfortably into works of pop art.

Discover Amy Winehouse Pop Art

Along with icons such as David Bowie and Kate Moss, Pearce focuses on Amy Winehouse because she seems to epitomise the essential nature of pop art. She was a singing legend who burned bright in our imaginations, if only for a short time, and her recordings still hit a vibrant note today. The Amy Winehouse collection by Dan Pearce draws influences from a range of urban art legends including stencil masters ELK and C215. Pearce works with polished metals and a variety of media to produce artworks that are both visually stunning and beautiful to touch. Texture, pop and fine art meet in perfect harmony, all complimented by the iconic nature of his subjects, including Amy Winehouse.

Amy Winehouse Art for Sale

The influence of pop and graffiti art certainly shines through all the current work from emerging artist Dan Pearce. He’s one of the most exciting talents to come onto the scene in recent years. The good news is that you can now buy his Amy Winehouse art for sale online. Dan Pearce has made several unique works available on his new site. You can choose to buy original paintings or limited-edition prints. You can even contact Dan directly if you want a personal commission undertaking and an original work of art created for you.

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