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There are few more memorable names in the world of fashion and celebrity than Kate Moss. Since she burst onto the scene in the late 80s, she has remained a part of UK culture. Like Twiggy before her, Kate Moss epitomises the IT girl and all that entails.
Known as much for her relationships off scene as for her fashion sense and supermodel status, Kate Moss is certainly one icon who fits perfectly into the pop art culture. For emerging artist Dan Pearce, her looks and manner make her the ideal subject to study.

Kate Moss: The Perfect Pop Art Subject

Over the years, Kate Moss has been associated with huge fashion houses such as Chanel and Christian Dior and has been the subject of countless photographs and art works. Born in 1974, she was strutting her stuff on the catwalk by the age of 15 and has never really been out of the limelight since.
What makes Kate Moss a great topic for Dan Pearce’s pop art approach is not just her looks. As with many other icons the artist studies, she comes steeped in the experience of a life well lived.

Why Buy a Kate Moss Art Print?

There are several reasons why people want to own one of Dan Pearce’s art prints. They may well be a fan of the model Kate Moss and want something unique that they can call their own. Dan’s limited edition and original prints are considered a great investment by both businesses and private collectors.
The reason? Dan Pearce is one of pop and urban art’s up and coming stars. Since he left art college in Liverpool over ten years ago, Pearce has been an artist who is constantly working to hone his talent. Operating from his garden studio in London, his iconic images are now found in multiple galleries around the country including in Liverpool, Glasgow and Nottingham.

Kate Moss Art for Sale

The good news is that you don’t have to go tracking down Dan Pearce’s work in galleries across the UK. You can now find his Kate Moss art for sale online. If you want to own a limited edition or original piece of work, all you need to do is search his online gallery.
Dan is often online and ready to chat about his work if you want to discover more about his process and how pop and street art has influenced him over the years. If he’s not there, you can also leave a question and he’ll get back to you when he’s free. In the meantime, you can browse all his Kate Moss art for sale.

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