Taking his inspiration from street and urban art, Dan Pearce is a London based artist currently transforming some of our most iconic celebrities. The subjects for his highly collectible series include many well-known singers and actors including Lady Gaga.

Pearce takes digital images and uses a mix of techniques to create stunning works of art. It’s no surprise that he chose a singer and songwriter like Lady Gaga to use in his art because. She is undoubtedly the living personification of experimentation and pushing the boundaries of acceptance. With top selling singles like Born This Way and acting roles in series such as American Horror Story, Lady Gaga is the one diva who is difficult to pigeonhole.

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Discover Lady Gaga Wall Art Today

Dan Pearce works from his art studio in London where he’s been based for the last few years. His exciting Lady Gaga wall art has a definite feel of the city and draws influence from all aspects of graffiti and pop art. Key to his unique style is the use of brushed metal along with resins and a variety of fine art techniques which combine to create images that are visually stunning and bold but also beautifully engaging. Influenced by stencil masters from ELK to C215, Pearce has refined his technique over the years since he became a full-time professional artist.

Lady Gaga and Pop Art

Pop art has always been a popular genre for collectors, delivering a quirky distinctiveness and vibrancy that many people love. Pearce has brought his own unique style to the images he produces and his work has been exhibited in galleries across the UK, including in London, Brighton and Glasgow. There are many reasons while you’ll want to have some Dan Pearce pop art. You might be a fan of a subject such as Lady Gaga or you may want to own and cherish a work by one a contemporary artist who is beginning to gain recognition.

Buy Lady Gaga Canvas Art

Whether it’s an investment for the future or simply for the enjoyment of new art, the good news is that you can now purchase Dan Pearce originals and limited edition prints online. You no longer need to find a gallery that is showing your favourite artist, it’s now possible to browse collections online in the comfort of your own home. Dan Pearce not only creates originals and limited-edition art works using iconic subjects like Lady Gaga but is also available for commissions. You can contact the artist direct to find out more.

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