There is no one who epitomised Hollywood and glamour as much as Marilyn Monroe. Though it is over fifty years since she tragically died, Monroe remains an icon for many and a perpetual subject for contemporary artists, including Dan Pearce.

Influenced by the urban art scene and stencil masters such as ELK, Pearce takes a range of media to transform iconic images of some our best-known stars. Works such as ‘Everything Happens for a Reason’ and ‘Hot Lips’ take images of Monroe and transform them in Pearce’s own unique way. He uses materials including brushed aluminium, resins and spray paint to create visual and tactile feasts which immediately catch the attention.

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Own Marilyn Monroe Wall Art

There’s always been a sense of mystery surrounding Marilyn Monroe. Famous for films like ‘Some Like it Hot’ and ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’, as well as her stormy relationships with famous men such as John F Kennedy, launched her into the spotlight. Dan Pearce’s Marilyn Monroe wall art is proving increasingly popular. His techniques combine a chaotic sense of the city and graffiti art with fine art to bring a new life to iconic images of the film star. Working from his garden studio in London, Pearce has a background in digital media but has always been drawn to the work of pop and urban artists such as Banksy and Adam Neate.

Marilyn Monroe: The Perfect Pop Art Subject

If there ever was a subject that was perfect for pop art, it’s Marilyn Monroe. Warhol was the first to truly transform her with series of images in the early Sixties and his Marilyn Diptych has been on show in the Tate in recent years. Dan Pearce combines a range of painting genres to add his own personal take on the iconic images of Monroe we all know and love. They’re images that have proved popular with art lovers and serious collectors alike who appreciate his urban and graffiti art roots.

Where to Find Marilyn Monroe Art for Sale

With his growing reputation, Dan Pearce is now exhibiting in several galleries around the UK including Art Republic in Brighton and Rennies Gallery in Liverpool. Now, his work is available to view and purchase online. You can find original and limited-edition Marilyn Monroe art for sale and browse the collection in the comfort of your own home. Dan Pearce is also available for commission and can create unique art works for your home or business. Contact him today to find out more.

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