If you like your rock icons craggy and full of life’s experience, you need look no further than Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger and guitarist Keith Richards. At the age of 73, he’s still strutting his stuff on the stage and exemplifies the rock and roll lifestyle that we have all come to love over the last 50 years.

Keith’s guitar riffs are notable on tracks like Paint It Black and Sympathy for Devil but most people don’t realise that Keith Richards is also a gifted songwriter and author. Now, pop and urban artist Dan Pearce has created bold and stunning new images of the enduring and legendary performer.

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Explore Rolling Stones Wall Art

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to own one of Dan Pearce’s pop art works. Whether you are a home owner and need something vibrant and collectable on your wall or a company looking to invest in up and coming artists, the Keith Richards wall art collection should certainly be at the top of your list. Using media such as brushed metal along with resins and fine art techniques, Pearce has created a series of images that combine stunning visuals with tactile delights you wouldn’t normally expect from a work of art.

Keith Richards Pop Art

Influenced by the stencil masters C215 and ELK as well as a whole line of iconic pop artists, Dan Pearce works from his garden studio in London. His focus over the last few years has been legendary musicians and artists, revealing more of their characters in bold and expressive prints. Keith Richards is the perfect subject, according to Pearce. Those hard-earned rock credentials and a lifetime in the business seem to be etched permanently on his face.

Buy Keith Richards Canvas Art

Keith Richards is just one of the icons that Dan Pearce has immortalised in his pop art works over recent years. Available as originals or as limited-edition prints, Pearce’s work has been exhibited in many galleries around the UK. It can now be purchased online and is the ideal choice for those who want to invest in the work of one of the most exciting and interesting new pop art talents in recent times. Dan Pearce takes iconic images and delivers his own brand of boldness and passion in a unique and exciting way. Browse his collection of pop and urban canvas art today.

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