Undoubtedly, Winston Churchill is one of our Great British icons and it’s no surprise that he’s often the subject of paintings and art works. Now, contemporary urban artist Dan Pearce has turned his talent to bringing a new, graffiti style slant to the ultimate statesman who saw Britain through its darkest hours.

Over the years, the image of Winston Churchill has become more than the man himself, a portrait that often merges into the public consciousness when the country faces a challenge. He seems to have become an icon of patriotism and resolve, the epitome of the old British bulldog spirit.

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Discovering Winston Churchill Wall Art

For someone who was famed during the Second World War, you might think that a modern treatment of his portrait unusual. Dan Pearce has managed to breathe life into a well-known and much-loved image of the great man, creating something that is both modern and timeless. Dan Pearce works from his garden studio in the heart of London, a location that was so dear to Churchill in the difficult days of the war. He uses mixed media including brushed metal and resins, along with spray paint and fine art techniques to create an immediately engaging image in his work Always Keep Going. It’s not just the visual aspect of his painting that catches the attention – the tactile nature of his work also delivers a blast to the senses. Influenced by stencil masters such as GLK and C215, as well as graffiti giants like Banksy, Dan Pearce brings new life to old images that redefines their nature.

Winston Churchill: The Icon in Pop Art

Because of what he means to people, Winston Churchill has always been a popular subject for a wide range of media and genres, including pop art. The Homburg hat and characteristic cigar might seem old fashioned in this fast paced, modern world but they seem to say everything about the man and us that we need to know.

How to Find Winston Churchill Art for Sale

Dan Pearce’s work has been exhibited in galleries across the UK and internationally over the last few years. You can now buy original and limited-edition works from his collection online. Dan is often available and you can chat to the artist directly online if you want to find out more about his work and urban art technique. The artist is also available for private commissions and has worked with several businesses and charities over the last few years to produce individual works of art. Contact Dan to find out more.

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