As a mixed media artist, Dan Pearce has created some brilliant iconic images that are now available as limited edition art prints. If you like artwork that is not only brilliant to look at but is great to touch, his pop art collection really does hit the mark.
Pearce has developed his style over the years, taking a lot of influence from some of the stencil masters of street and urban art. He uses a brushed aluminium as his medium and combines it with digital imaging and fine art techniques, transforming iconic images of celebrities. His subjects in the past have included Marylin Munroe, Mohammed Ali, Amy Whitehouse and David Bowie.

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How to Pick Limited Edition Art Prints for Sale

The phrase limited edition art prints can be confusing for some. This means that the artist has produced a select few copies of the same artwork and they will not be mass produced. That means you get something that is a great investment, especially when you are buying the work of an emerging artist like Dan Pearce.
Pearce’s striking images are ideal for businesses that are looking to invest in artworks as well as connoisseurs and collectors who are searching for something new and exciting.

Where to Buy Stunning Limited Edition Art Prints

Dan Pearce’s work is exhibited in galleries across the UK, including in London, Liverpool and Glasgow. In the past, you would need to find a gallery and buy from them if you wanted to own one of his limited edition art prints. Now you can access them directly from the artist himself via his website.

Invest in Art, Invest in Limited Edition Prints

Many people want to invest in art but don’t know where to start. Buying limited edition prints means that you get a highly sought-after work of art that looks great on your wall and which could well increase in value over time, particularly if you choose the right emerging artist.
The good news is it’s never been easier to invest in limited edition art prints to find new and exciting artists to fall in love with. You can browse all the current works from Dan Pearce online and find out a little more about the process and thought that goes into each image.

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