A new mixed media collection combining Dan’s own urban photography with endangered wildlife.

2019 has seen an exciting new direction in subject matter, which explores the fragile nature of the world’s ecosystem, and the damaging impact mankind is having on our irreplaceable wildlife.

“I’ve always enjoyed painting iconic portraits but for 2019 I wanted to set myself a new challenge. I am a huge wildlife fan and was really influenced by the environmental message of Blue Planet II which inspired me to create a new wildlife series, titled ‘Endangered Spaces’. I wanted to focus on the beauty of these animals whilst raising awareness for the Endangered Species.”

Staying true to his love of colour and mixed media, Dan Pearce’s iconic style is still evident in his new wildlife collection. Spray paint, aluminium, and resin – the key ingredients to a Dan Pearce original –
are all still there, with the new addition of shattered glass and glass shards; a parody that tragically echoes the fragile future of these incredible animals.

“With a new challenge came a new process and new materials. Initially I was creating digitalprints of wildlife but then decided to take it one step further by painting the animals on top of my urban street photography, I learnt to hand cut glass to help define the shape of the animal and smash glass to give it a texture by adding glass shards. The process was experimental, defining a process on each animal I created. I built up the glass layers, added spray paint, inks and set the mixed media in place using resin. I also combined the materials on top of my own street photography to show the endangered wildlife in a contemporary urban environment.”



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