Dan Pearce is a London based artist who developed his skills in the field of digital art. Strongly influenced by the urban, street and pop art movements of the last few decades, his individual style is beginning to gain recognition across the UK. His unique, bold style and use of mixed media bring together aspects of these exciting genres to revitalise and say something new about some of the most iconic images we know today.

From David Bowie and Amy Winehouse to Winston Churchill and Kate Moss, there’s no doubt that Pearce has chosen his subjects wisely and brought something new to the table with his imaginative use of various media. You can now buy his original and limited-edition prints online.

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The Urban Art Genre

The urban-art movement is heavily influenced by cityscapes and towns, and has some notable exponents including Nick Gentry and Tom Christopher. As with many genres of art, it started as an underground movement but has more recently become mainstream with exhibitions at prestigious galleries such as the Tate.

The Street Art Genre

Typified by icons such as Banksy and John Fekner, street-art has its roots out on the street. Graffiti art took a long while to reach into the public consciousness and much of that has been down to artists such as Banksy who have obtained international recognition. The influence of stencil masters such as ELK and C215 can be seen in Dan Pearce’s work today.

The Pop Art Genre

The pop-art genre has a longer history than some of the others, made popular in the late fifties and sixties by artists such as Andy Warhol. It draws as its inspiration modern culture and media and has created some of the truly symbolic and distinct paintings of the last couple of decades. The influence of all three of these genres is easy to see in Dan Pearce’s current work. Using iconic images and combining them with a range of different media and fine art techniques, the artist has developed a unique style of his own. His treatment of some of our most loved media heroes can appear quirky, bold and even irreverent but are always meaningful. You can see the work of Dan Pearce exhibited in galleries around the UK but you can now also buy originals and limited-edition prints online. He’s been exhibiting his paintings and developing his own unique style for the last 6 years, working from the art studio at the foot of his garden in London. Whether it’s using intricate stencils or combining brushed metal with resins, the effect is to create bold images that stand out on any wall.

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