Mixed media artist Dan Pearce has taken some of the world’s most famous people and transformed them into an exciting collection of icon art. Drawing on the influence of pop and street art, Pearce combines fine art with digital media to produce some truly memorable works.


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What is an Icon Artist?

From the early days of pop art, transforming film, sport and music icons into something different has been an obsession with many of the movements leading artists. Dan Pearce takes famous portraits of celebrities as varied as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Amy Winehouse, Madonna, Keith Richards, Churchill, TwiggyKate Moss, Lady Gaga, Muhammed Ali and David Bowie to create abstract images that look great on any wall. As an emerging icon artist, his technique uses digital images on brushed aluminium and combines these with vivid splashes of colour and elegant textures to create artworks that have an industrial grace which many collectors are raving about.

The Rise of the Fine Art Icon

The process that produces a stylish fine art icon for Dan Pearce comes from strong influences early on in his career when he was attracted to stencil art, particularly the work of innovative artists such as ELK and C215. Key to the success of Pearce’s images is his ability to combine a tactile component that adds to the visual impact of his works of art. For Pearce, that involves experimenting with a range of different mediums to produce fine art icons that transcend the original digital image. Creating a bold style that immediately attracts the eye has taken a lot of work and experimentation over the years. Combining media such as polished metal and rich resins is only part of the mix that goes into producing these truly memorable fine art icon images.

Your Favourite Icon Expressed in Contemporary Art

The way that emerging contemporary artists such as Dan Pearce incorporate different media to create new and exciting works has certainly caught the public imagination. His images are attracting attention from corporate and private collectors alike who want artwork on their walls that exhibits vibrancy and impact. While the influence of street art is clear in all of Dan’s works, his own inimitable style shines through each portrait creating a sense of immediacy defined by colour, bold strokes and passion. His work can currently be found in several galleries around the UK including George Thornton in Nottingham and Subversion in Glasgow. The good news is that you can now view and buy all of Dan Pearce’s icon influenced contemporary art online.

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