Working from his garden studio in the heart of London, Dan Pearce is a mixed media artist who is bringing a new slant to some of the world’s most iconic images. For the last 6 years he’s been honing his individual style and creating original art works that have been exhibited across the UK and are now available online.

Influenced by some of the stencil masters of the past twenty years and with a strong grounding in digital art, Pearce’s creations combine bold and sumptuous visuals with a range of media including brushed metal, resins and fine art materials. His transformation of many icons including David Bowie and Muhammed Ali, Twiggy and Kate Moss has created a body of work that is eye catching and stunning.

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Graffiti and Spray Can Art

Dan Pearce has always been influenced by genres such as graffiti art and spray can art and this can be clearly seen in his current works. As important as the bold colours and the way he redefines iconic portraits is the special attention he gives to the texture of his works. This seems to bring his artworks to life and makes them stand out from the wall, making them the perfect centre piece for any room.

Original Art from Dan Pearce

The transformation of these well-known images is remarkable and intentional. Pearce looks to create industrial style works of art that use vibrant colours and tell a different story to the viewing audience. His original art is gaining popularity both with home owners who want something different to adorn their walls and business who are searching for new and exciting artists to invest in.

Buy Limited Edition Prints Today

The work of Dan Pearce is also available online as limited-edition prints. They’re a wonderful choice if you want to own a work from one of the up and coming spray can and mixed media artists in the UK. Whether you want something bold and meaningful to add style and passion to your living room or have an office that you need to bring to life and impress clients, explore the collection online today Pearce is also available for commissions and has worked with several charities in recent times to produce original art for auction. His recent Never Give Up image featuring Winston Churchill raised £1500 to help victims of the Manchester terror attack.

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