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Endangered – The Grevy’s Zebra

‘The Grevy’s Zebra’ is from my new mixed media ‘Endangered’ B&W collection.
Hand cut glass, shattered glass, diamond dust, spray paint and resin on aluminum sheet.

Finished in matt black frame

Grevy’s zebras have undergone one of the most substantial reductions of range of any African mammal.
Habitat loss in an already restricted range is a serious threat to the Grevy’s zebra’s survival. It is in competition for resources with other grazers as well as cattle and livestock. Due to overgrazing and competition for water, the juvenile Grevy’s zebras have a low survival rate.

Hunting for Grevy’s zebras persists.
Hunting is the primary cause of decline of Grevy’s zebras in Ethiopia. They are primarily hunted for their striking skins but will occasionally be killed for food, and in some regions, medicinal uses continue.

Our solutions to protecting the Grevy’s zebra:

Employ technology for conservation.
African Wildlife Foundation worked with Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) to fit Grevy’s zebras with collars in Buffalo Spring National Reserve. The Global Positioning System (GPS)/Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) collars provide scientists with critical information concerning Grevy’s zebras’ movement patterns and whereabouts. By gaining an understanding of their patterns, scientists are better able to protect the zebras.

Engage wildlife scouts.
AWF works with communities who live in close quarters with wildlife and equips scouts with essential tools, such as GPS-monitoring devices and vehicles. As a result, AWF is able to ensure enhanced protection of wildlife in these regions as well as provide additional employment opportunities to local communities.

Will you show the Grevy’s zebra your support?

With your help, AWF can continue working on initiatives like the collaring of Grevy’s zebras, wildlife scout training, and habitat protection. Donate to a cause that will help with wildlife conservation and ensure the continued survival of this endangered species.


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