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Endangered – The West African Giraffe (dark)

‘The West African Giraffe’ is from my new mixed media ‘Endangered’ B&W Collection.
Hand cut glass, shattered glass, diamond dust, spray paint and resin on aluminum sheet.

Finished in Matt black swept frame.

As human numbers go up, West African giraffe numbers go down.
Human population increase has had a severe impact on the West African giraffe. As the population increased, humans began living closer to the giraffes and cutting down trees, resulting in habitat loss.

Their beauty puts their lives at risk.
West African giraffes are hunted, often for their tails, which are prized in many African cultures. They are also hunted for their pelt and meat.

Our solutions to protecting and conserving the West African giraffe
Work with communities living with giraffes.
AWF trained guides from a local community organization, the Association for Valorisation of the Ecotourism, to monitor West African giraffes. These guides track the giraffes on motorbikes and use GPS units and cameras to follow and identify the giraffes daily. We also funded a census by the Association to Safegaurd the Giraffes of Niger.

Replant the West African giraffe’s habitats.
AWF established village nurseries to grow seedlings in the most critically deforested habitats in our Parc W landscape.

Will you show the endangered West African giraffe your support?
With your help, AWF can continue our efforts to keep West African giraffe populations from plummeting further, by working with guides to protect the giraffes and replanting their decimated habitats. Donate today for a cause to help ensure that the West African giraffe does not disappear.

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