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‘Audrey 1st Class’ is an original mixed media piece on aluminium by collectable British artist Dan Pearce. The print is signed by the artist, framed in a black matt frame.

Dan Pearce – master of mixed media printing – was recently featured in London’s Shortlist magazine as one of the UK’s most collectable emerging artists. Such an endorsement needs little elaboration: the works speak for themselves. Bold and confident, his prints take inspiration from celebrity culture, street-style, and pop art, blending elements of fine art to create an iconic aesthetic that carefully blends new, digital media with old-school techniques. Pearce’s latest series sees celebrity icons transformed into postage stamps.

‘Audrey 1st Class’ transposes a black and white photograph of a grinning Audrey Hepburn over the top of a blown-up image of a British postage stamp. Using a clever collage process, the Queen’s face remains just visible, while her crown appears to be resting on Audrey’s head. Against a shiny, pink aluminium background, Pearce finishes the piece with lashings of ink, spray-paint and resin with a street art twist, to create texture and dynamism.


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