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Jack of Hearts

Jack of Hearts

82cm x 107cm

A hand-drawn illustration of Jack Nicholson as the Jack of Hearts finished in spray paint, ink and resin.


Jack’s story in the words of founder Johnny Gold…

One night he’d spent most of the evening on my table in the restaurant when he told me he was going to head home. “I’ll walk you to the entrance,” I told him, and started heading up the stairs in front of him. As we reached reception and I pushed open the front door, Jack grabbed me from behind in a big bear hug. “Hey, Johnny! Great to see you. I love you, man.” He charged out of the door before I could reply and I watched as he moved across the pavement, illuminated by the patter of flashbulbs of the waiting paparazzi. Then all of a sudden, the cameras went into overdrive. The flashing of bulbs became a constant spotlight as the paps’ cameras clicked away like machine gun fire. There was Jack, standing in Jermyn Street in front of the gold Tramp sign, French-kissing a homeless man! I shook my head in disbelief. What on earth was he doing? He’d grabbed the poor fella, danced the waltz with him and then stuck his tongue right down his throat. As soon as he was finished, he jumped into a waiting car and sped off home.

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