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My Name Is – NEON


80cm x 105cm

A lenticular print of a young Michael Caine over a photo collage of Michael and his wife who found love in Tramp. Finished with vibrant white neon, lighting up the words ‘MY NAME IS…’ a well known Caine quote.


On finding his wife thanks to Tramp…

That night was hysterical! He came down with his mate, who was his best pal, who sadly is no longer with us. And he’d seen this commercial on television, of this beautiful girl and he says, ‘I’m going to Brazil!’ I said, ‘Brazil? You’re mad! What are you going to Brazil for?’ He said, ‘I’m in love. I’ver seen this girl in a coffee and and I’m going to go to Brazil.’ It was a Monday night, which was a quiet night, normally, and the next thing this other guy comes down, called Palitzer [SP?] And he comes in and says, ‘what are you guys all doing here on a Monday night, sitting here with no women?’ And Michael says, ‘I’m going to Brazil’. ‘What you going to Brazil for?’ And he says that it’s because of this ad. And the bloke says, ‘You don’t have to go to Brazil, she lives on the King’s Road!”

(Here’s Michael telling the story in his own words about that night:) The guy I spoke to, what happens is he said, ‘You’re here on your own without any girls?’ It was me and my mate Johnny and there were no girls, so he said, ‘Where’s all the girls?’ I said, ‘I’m looking for a girl I saw on television, she was very beautiful.’ He said, ‘I didn’t see any beautiful girls on television and I was watching it all evening.’ It was midnight in the club! It was a guy we knew, I didn’t know him very well but I always said hello and that. And I said, ‘No, the girl wasn’t in a programme, she was in an advert.’ He said, ‘What for?’ I said, ‘Coffee. In Brazil. I’m going to Brazil in the morning to find her.’ He said, ‘We made that advert! That girl’s not in Brazil, she lives in the Fulham Road!’ That’s how I met my wife! I got her telephone number off him!

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