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Prince – Purple Rain


86cm x 107cm

Spray paint, ink and resin painted over purple rain lyrics. Finished in hand sprayed ornate frame.

Prince’s story in the words of founder Johnny Gold…

Jon Bon Jovi came to the club with the rest of his band – he was such a nice guy, a really, really nice guy. I had a lot of time for him. And he said, ‘Johnny, they tell me Prince is in the other room. I would love to meet him.’ I said, ‘Well, he’s very weird, Jon, I’ve got to tell you! Let me go in and test the water first.’ ‘Great! Thanks Johnny.’ So, I go in and I’m speaking to the bodyguard. I said, ‘Tell the man that Jon Bon Jovi is in the club and he would love to meet the man.’ So Prince hears me and looks up and gives me a nod – the royal nod. So I go back to the other room and say, ‘Jon, it’s OK, he would love to meet you.’ Jon gets up with his bodyguards and walks into the discoteque and the pair of them are sitting there with these huge bodyguards on either side, just having a chat! So then Jon goes back into the restaurant. Next thing, Ronnie Wood comes down, and I’m in the restaurant. He says, ‘Oh, somebody told me Prince is in the other room, I must go and say hello.’ I shouted, ‘Ronnie! Wait a minute… wait!’ But he won’t fucking wait. So he goes rushing in and two minutes later he’s back in the restaurant and his hair’s all up in the air underneath Prince’s bodyguard’s armpit and the poor guy’s been given a right pummeling.


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