You Can’t Bar Me! – NEON




90cm x 130cm

Spray paint and ink over a collage of Keith Moon photos, quotes and a vintage union jack flag. A pair of drum sticks protruding from Keith’s waist line and a miniature chandelier lying destroyed on Keith’s chest. Finished with vibrant blue neon, lighting up the words ‘YOU CAN’T BAR ME!’.

Keith’s story in the words of founder Johnny Gold…

We were sitting at my table and Keith was on good form. He’d had a few scotches but nothing out of the ordinary and he didn’t seem too drunk, but Keith’s crazy behaviour wasn’t restricted to when he was intoxicated, as I was about to find out. I stood up and turned towards the toilet and before I’d even reached the door of the restaurant, there was an almighty crash behind me. I turned around to see Keith sprawled across the floor, covered in glass and metal. Above him was the last remnants of the 17th Century, Rothschilds Palace chandelier that had been hanging for hundreds of years from the ceiling. Until Keith came along, that is. He’d stood up on his chair, grabbed hold of the bloody thing and tried to swing – God only knows why – and he’d caused a right scene in the restaurant. I was fuming. I didn’t even help him up, I just stood over him and said “Oi, you! You’re barred, now get out – and bring me £500 for the light. Now, OUT.” He jumped up to his feet and started pleading with me. “Johnny, you can’t bar me!” “Get out of here before I have you thrown out.” He started to move towards the stairs but he was screaming as he went, “You can’t bar me! You can’t! You’ll ruin my life.” Those were his actual words! “You can’t, I’ve got nowhere else to go!” I have to admit that inside, I found the whole thing absolutely hilarious but I had to save face in front of the guests, who’d all turned around to watch the spectacle unfold. As soon as he was gone, I missed him. He lit up the room and there was nobody quite like that man. I’d barely even settled down at my table before his chauffeur arrived to the club – thankfully without a naked Keith on the bonnet this time – with £500 and a beautiful, hand-carved roulette wheel in a grand leather case as an apology. I told him the next day that he could come back. Keith had an amazing ability to flash that cheeky grin, be his charming self and get away with anything, and it seemed I was powerless to resist him as well – he pulled a chandelier from the ceiling and was barred for 24 hours.

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