What makes us who we are?

Dan Pearce explores the cultural touchstones that make up his unique artistic identity. To create his dazzling images Pearce employs spray paint, hand-painted acrylics, lenticular, neon lights, objects, 3D printing, screen-printing, textured resin, gold leaf and collage, as well as his own photography and street art.


My biggest solo show to date, taking you on a nostalgic journey of my life, influences, timely eras and memories.
From rave, graffiti and hip-hop to retro tech and pop art – they’re all hardwired into my artistic DNA!

23rd March – 5th April Clarendon Fine Art Gallery, Covent Garden, London
25th March – 5th April Whitewall Gallery,  Leeds
26th March – 5th April Whitewall Gallery, Bournemouth

Dan Pearce delves into cultural landmarks that shape his artistic identity, using a variety of techniques to create his captivating images. In his work, he masterfully blends mediums such as spray paint, hand-painted acrylics, lenticular imagery, neon lights, found objects, 3D printing, screen-printing, textured resin, gold leaf, and collage. His own photography and street art also play important roles in the creation of his dazzling artwork.

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