Art for hearts: anonymous heART project raises over £43,000

467 pieces of A5 artwork, 226 contributors and nine exclusive auction pieces later, our anonymous heART project has finally come to an end, raising over £43,000 for Heart Research UK’s pioneering medical research.

Artwork from huge names across the world of art, entertainment and politics, including Steven Brown, Nick Cave, David Cameron, Simon Pegg, Gillian Anderson and Theresa May joined with creative Heart Research UK supporters to create their original masterpieces, which were auctioned on eBay between 2 – 11 November.

Though we provided a full list of contributors, the artist of each piece was kept anonymous for the duration of the auction. Now, we can reveal who created what and you can find out by visiting our anonymous heART project page.


My 2 artworks raised over £800

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